Mase Industries: Hair care and hair products for homes and salons

Mase Industries looks to the Middle East market and beyond to extend its global reach!

This shampoo and tonic set offers refreshing and relaxing scalp care.
Mase industries met non seulement l’accent sur la qualité de ses produits, mais également sur la protection de l’environnement avec ses produits de soins capillaires axés sur l’innovation.

Mase Industries Sdn Bhd exports its hair colour, hair care and hair styling products to United States, China, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan and India. 

In order to innovate and penetrate new markets, the company is preparing PPD-free (paraphenylenediamine) hair dyes and natural hair dyes.

This popular 1 minute white hair colouring product is specially designed for the Middle East, European, Australian and US markets.

Creator of firsts in the sector
Mase's environmentally conscious achievements include the creation of the first one-minute ammonia-free hair colour in Malaysia and Singapore, and the first 10-minute hair colour in the professional salon market.
The company also has an in-house R&D laboratory specialising in hair colour and hair care products and is the first solar-powered cosmetics factory in Malaysia. Mase produces a wide range of quality products at affordable prices.

Cover white hair in 1 minute
Mase's SPEED TOUCH 1 Minute hair colour series covers grey hair in just one minute. It has been awarded by Watsons Stores in Singapore as the best selling product for covering grey hair. The Mase Speed Touch 1 Minute hair colour series is specially designed for the European, Australian and American markets.

Tone and regrowth of hair

Mase has also worked on hair tonicity and regrowth by developing the Amby Fullove range, thus finding an answer to our recurrent hair problems, with its Amby Fullove shampoo and Tonic: no more greasy hair, no more dandruff, hair is toned and hair is stronger and push back.

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