• ✅【PROTECT HAIR & your Scalp】: SPEED TOUCH contains 85% natural ingredients and is formulated to nourish the hair and scalp to prevent hair damage during the colouring process. Collagen, castor oil, aloe vera and olive oil extracts are the main ingredients to moisturize, smooth, add strength and shine.
    • ✅【GAIN OF TIME】: You can have a beautiful high quality hair colour in only ONE MINUTE and that is WITHOUT AMMONIATE and from home, without having to go to your hairdresser.
    • ✅【EXCELLENT RESULT】: Our hair dye is able to achieve your desired hair colour due to our formulation containing a patented dye activator and the hair dye takes effect instantly giving you even and broad coverage. You also have the option of getting slightly lighter or darker results depending on your waiting time.
    • ✅【LONG LASTING】: It comes with a patented formulation, it offers high quality and long lasting colour at an affordable price for permanent coloring. That's because our formula ensures a fade-defying hair colour that promotes dimension and offers shine, silkiness and brilliance. It gives you confidence and great hair colour that outshines you.
    • ✅【VARIETY OF HAIR COLORS】: With 9 different shades of hair dye, you can definitely find the perfect shades that suit you. It contains collagen which helps to facilitate manageability and shine, as well as increase tensile strength, reduce split ends and have a moisturizing effect. In addition to other carefully selected ingredients such as aloe vera, ceramide and hair keratin, you can also enjoy dyeing your hair with a soothing floral scent instead of a strong chemical smell.

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