Who are we?

Height Trade

Trade at its Height for Human of Tomorrow

(Trade at its peak for the Human of tomorrow)

Innovative company, based in two strategic points, located in France, the centre of Europe, full of history, values and ambition "impossible is not French", and in the heart of Asia, in Malaysia, a magical country, rich in natural resources, with ancestral traditions, extraordinarily modern and at the cutting edge of technology.

Our job is to offer you "THE" product at the best value for money that you are looking for, while respecting an ethical charter for the natural and human environment.

We provide you with excellent products, tailor-made just for you.

Why international?

Internationalisation is a key issue for companies. Those that are present in import-export are doing better than others, they grow faster and innovate more.

It is also a major lever for growth and a key element of economic development. An SME often becomes an ETI thanks to an international strategy.

Working abroad does not require a large investment, just good contacts " Main Contact" .

Our actions

  • Sourcing from our French and foreign suppliers
  • Proposal of a panel of sought-after products
  • Negotiation of favourable prices
  • Assistance or handling of logistical aspects (transport, customs, etc.)
  • Aide ou prise en charge des démarches d’enregistrement des produits en Europe et à l’étranger 

Your benefits

  • A choice of quality and varied original products
  • Save time in searching for products thanks to our local expertise
  • The prospect of real profitability and economic performance for your company.
  • New valuable contacts communicated by our services